We help you sell or lease your commercial property without broker. You toocan save thousands of dollars when you are selling a commercial property

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How To Sell A Commercial Property Without A Broker

Have you been struggling to decide whether or not you need an agent to sell your commercial property? Are you trying to find the best way to sell your commercial space? Are you tired of the agent fees associated with hiring a commercial real estate agent?

If you have answered “yes” to the questions above, there is a solution that thousands of commercial property owners are using. With broker fees ranging from 2 % to 3 and sometimes 4% on the sale without accounting for the advertising fees, it is no surprise why so many property owners are skipping the middle man. A property that sells for $ 250,000 could produce an agent fee of $ 7,500 or more, with a 3 % commission rate. Then you add the advertising costs of between $ 5,000 and up. The average advertising fees associated with the sale of a commercial property are in the upwards of around $ 12,000. Private sales are becoming the wave of the future. There are many reasons why these smart property owners are choosing to list their commercial properties as “For Sale by Owner”:

  • No agent fees or commissions associated with the sale leaving more money in the seller’s pocket
  • More control over the entire process, including the buyers who are interested in your commercial property.
  • More control who sees the listing and where the listing is posted
  • Advertising fees are kept at a minimum and can be set by the owner
  • Experience for the future that will help the seller grow their overall portfolio

However, there are some downfalls of going at it all alone. Selling your commercial property is not easy. One of the biggest advantages of using a real estate agent is that they are connected. They have the ability to list your property on a site that has high visibility. They understand the legalities involved in selling the property as well.

Sell without agent

When selling your commercial property with no real estate agent, there is a way to get your property listed on a highly visible listing site, receive assistance with the legalities, and be provided with commission free advice and services designed to give the property owner what they need to not pay agent commissions. That means thousands of dollars are saved with the sale.

No agent business offer services that help with the sale of the commercial property, including listing the commercial property on the biggest listing sites in Australia and Internationally, creating effective SEO campaigns to assist in marketing the sale, and offering no-commission services to assist in selling the property fast.

When you are saying “buy my commercial property,” you need to be able to find just the right audience. No Agent Business will help you find that audience and put you in a position to have choices on who you want to sell it to and on what terms. This is important when looking to maximize profits and get the best price possible for your commercial sale. You don’t have to go it alone. Having a professional business on your side to help you market your commercial property and get the most out of your sale, will make all the difference.​